Our pantry is an ever-expanding service that seeks to serve, through the efforts of our members and community volunteers as well as our partnerships with numerous entities in Baytown such as Be Well Baytown, Hearts and Hands Baytown, Love Network, and the Houston Food Bank.


We are serving clients two days a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 1:00 to 3:00 PM. Our pantry is a client-shop pantry (i.e. - you come "shop" - pick and choose what you want - like you would in a store). To qualify, a person need only attend a distribution, register by providing information as required by the Houston Food Bank, and meet any of a number of qualifying conditions. We have no residency requirements. Please bring your ID. We currently allow households to receive assistance as often as every other week (subject to change based on availability of resources).

We currently require new and returning clients to make an appointment to receive food services. Those wishing to arrange an appointment can sign up on our form at the following link or call Love Network at 281-422-5683 and request an appointment.

MoSt Church is committed to extending God’s love to all. One of the best known expressions of this love is our service to the needy in our community, especially to those in need of food. Our pantry typically puts food into the hands of nearly 18,000 people (counting "repeat" visits) in the Baytown area every year. Those individuals represent over 5,000 families. That's about 100 families per week, every week of the year.

MoSt Church has been privileged to be a point of distribution on the east side of the Houston ship channel for the food gathered during Houston’s TV Channel 13’s annual Share Your Holidays Food Drive. Typically, the week following that particular food drive, we are enabled to serve somewhere 200-450 families.

The hungry find a heart for their needs here at MoSt! We take Jesus’ instructions in Luke 9.13 to his disciples to heart — “You feed them!”